Moses likes bees, bees are like Moses / Moses loves bees. Bees loves Moses

What have they in common Moses and the bees? Moses according to the Bible, the Koran and Toro religious leader, legislator and prophet. Bees are insects that live in the community, linking them as a symbol of hard-working, diligent, organized and tireless workers. Some see the bees united collective and individual aspect of secular and spiritual. Clement of Alexandria, for example. wrote: Go to the bee, Slacker, look her ways and become wise! … For bee processed whole lawn to get to a drop of honey. … Emulate the reasonableness of bees. …
In correlation with Moses, they could symbolically represent the people of Israel bees that Moses led from Egypt to the Promised Land. When Zoran Srdiću Janežiču Moses embodies patriarch / nut, which combines hardworking and industrious artists / ice in the relationship.
Zoran Srdić Janežič raises questions about the relationship of Moses to his bees, and vice versa, that is what occupies the position of the artist within the parent institutions and society in general.

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Moses heads, which are arranged on a bench in the garden, in a natural size designed along the lines of Michelangelo’s marble statue of Moses, from the church of San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome. Bees as an artist / who, together with urban beekeepers Gorazd Trušnovcem, created paintings / prints made from natural materials. Benches and space for contemplation, rest, symbolically illustrate the intermediate space between the active and passive modes of artistic work and the space that surrounds it. Zoran Srdić Janežič will by placing in an open public space, built between the viewer – a facility that will be placed in isolation, but to the particular element to fully integrate into the natural environment.

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Zoran Srdić Janežič continues sculpting narrative, this time, set in the outdoor public space. It is not only for classical sculpture, where the emphasis is on the sensitivity of materiality, which includes a variety of media material time he serves more as a means to develop ideas / content of a work of art. Fascination with materials and processes that are in his work is often present, they are removed in an intimate artist-process facility. While the viewer is confronted with a culminating work, which builds on the implicit interpretation. Moses and the bees, the artist puts into context in which the observer questioning raises the correlation relationship. Replacement applications in daily life such extensive and self-evident that they do not even preuprašujemo more, but here we see them in a completely different light, so we are forced to re-evaluate their significance and incidence.

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Zoran Srdič Janežič thinking of disgust, the other sex, the relationship between nature and culture, between clean and unclean body, mind and the spirit, which is highlighted in their older projects transmitted to the question of the relationship between the entities. It is thinking about art and its role in society, the position of the artist in today’s society, the relation between the artist and the art system.

Jadranka Plut