Naslov / Title: Mediacija za kip / Mediation for Sculpture

Lokacija / Exhibition space: Mala galerija Likovnega društva Kranj, Kranj

Datum / Date: 9. July – 6. August 2009

Produkcija / Production: Zavod za sodobne umetnosti in kulture Gulag

Producent / Producer: Jana Putrle Srdić

Pomoč in svetovanje / Support: Špela Petrič, Andrej Štular, Ivica Bilek, Janez Bizjak, Janez Draksler, Metka Krašna, Matej Lavrenčič, Marko Meglič, Jana Putrle Srdić

Foto / Photo: Janez Draksler

Font: Manifest (Bartak Nowak)

Software: Blender

Production: Institute for Arts GULAG

Sponsors and donation of materials: Dinos Kranj doo, Pivovarna Union dd, Steeling doo,

Exhibition was funded: Municipality of Kranj


Mediation for sculpture (3)

Mediation for sculpture (4)



photo MFS 4

Mediation for sculpture (5)

Mediation for sculpture (2)

Mediation for sculpture (1)


Mediation for sculpture (11)

Mediation for sculpture (10)

Mediation for sculpture (9)

Mediation for sculpture (8)

Mediation for sculpture (7)

photo MFS 21

Mediation for sculpture (6)


Starting point of exhibition take an old story, evolved around the question: what is sculpture? Supposedly Michelangelo once said in that particular story that sculpture is an object that artist carves from stone, places on the top of the hill and rolls it down. All dispensable parts fall apart and a clear form remains― that should be a definition of sculpture.

Exhibition is made of three different parts, in each three letters K, I and P (kip = sculpture) are designed from different materials, their font is called Manifest.

In first part, the story is literally followed: letters welded from iron metal sheet were dropped downhill and left deformed. Illustrated description of a story that is focused on monumental and durable characteristic of sculpture is actually (ab)used as an instruction, that brings out the concept of accidental and transitory nature of things.

Second part of exhibition examines fragileness and beauty of sculptural form in kneading and molding letters KIP out of bread, that was put into glass boxes and exposed to the influence of different mildews. Here, the basic form of letters KIP is a changing process through the time of exhibition.

Third part is dealing with a new technologies of rapid prototyping, letters KIP are made from 3D scanner, but at the end they are not strengthen by adding an epoxy coating, so they are small and more fragile.