Group exhibition Mali format 2019 (Small size) at Mala galerija Kranj,
17 december 2019 – 6 februar 2020

The Small size 2019 exhibition was opened at the Mala galerija of the Kranj’s Art Society on Tuesday, December 17th. The Society traditionally organizes the Small size exhibition at the end of the year as a group exhibition of members. It could be said that the size of the format determines both the number of members and the space of the gallery, as well as the desire to make such a size more appropriate for New Year’s gifts. For the artists themselves, the smaller size often does not mean a shortcut, as it would be in the case of a sketch or model, but the production of an artwork can be just as challenging as in larger formats – of course, we could basically say that everything depends on the technique, the material and also the individual artist. Small-format works, on the other hand, may also be closer to certain gestures and the space in which the artist works. If an artist were to develop a particular expression gesture, it would be difficult for the artist to repeat the gesture in a larger format.

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