Ars Electronica Filckr post

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The project is focused on tissue engineering and the harvesting of an electric signal from neurons which influences the movement and shape of a biobot. The artistic and expert team grows neurons on an array with electrodes that conduct the electric signal. Through a complex sensing and programming system, the signal is converted from analogue to digital, amplified and used to move the biobot. Artificial intelligence compares the input from neurons with the movements of different arthropods and selects the appropriate number of legs and joints. The result is an unpredictable zoomorphic form. Biobot brings new biotechnological and algorithmic processes to artistic practices. It uses biotech and software developments to create an artistic narrative about the bio-technological body and its representation. The algorithmic search for the shape in relation to biological data becomes an evolutionary process. The biobot aspires to be a living entity with its own intelligence and movement.