Zoran Srdić Janežič

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Zoran Srdić Janežič

Born on the 4th of September 1974 in Kranj, Slovenia. After formal education as mechanical technician he continued his studies on Famul Stuart – School of Applied Arts. In 1998 he entered Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated in sculpture department in June 2004 at prof. Srečo Dragan. Diploma work was dealing with the process of video editing as manipulative element that influences the viewer’s perception of the images and also forces into certain opinion or even ideology.

In his years of studying at Academy of Fine Arts he was active as the organizer of the student exhibitions, housing lectures and excursions. In the years 2002 to 2004 he was named on the position of assistant of student minister, responsible for culture at Student Organization of University in Ljubljana. There he was involved in the student culture projects as organizer, producer and also initiator (Month of Student Culture, Student literary evenings). He was the initiator and main coordinator of the project International student sculpture festival Metamorphosis.

From 2005 he is employed as a designer of puppets at Puppet Theater in Ljubljana where his work was involved in more than 20 theater plays. In 2012 he took the position of the Head of Puppet Theatre Ljubljana’s workshop. From 2013 he is the initiator and author of EPKE – European Puppet Knowledge Exchange program – platform for designers and constructors of puppets. He received the education at the puppet technology organization KID Praha – with Mirek Trejntnar and Zdar Šorm – where he was involved in the workshop of traditional wooden Czech marionettes on string, and in workshop of making puppets for stop motion films. Another workshop he attended was at Institut International de la Marionette (International Institute for puppetry) at Carleville Mezieres in France. Workshop was held by Gavin Glover from the Faulty Optic Theater. Influence of puppet technology and performative supplements are also noticed in his work as an artist.

He has writen art reviews in the field of contemporary visual arts: short reviews for daily newspapers and extended thoughtful texts about local and international current exhibitions and writes also for catalogues of established contemporary Slovene artists of a younger generation. Recently he writes reflection on art on the blog: www.g-zine.si

In 2006 he was one of the researchers of Production Sources of Slovene Art for Triennial of Slovene Contemporary Art U3 for Modern Gallery, Ljubljana. Since then he is co-organizing debates on contemporary art – Tea Parties for Contemporary Art.

As visual artist he is exhibiting in individual and group exhibitions. He has been living and working in Ljubljana.

Exhibitions  & Projects
Work for Theatre


2005 – : Puppet Theater Ljubljana (designer and constructor or puppets – sculptor), from 2012 Head of the Puppet workshop

2004 : University of Primorska, Fakulteta of Humanities Koper (Philosophy and Theory of Visual Culture)
1998 do 2004: University in Ljubljana, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, (sculpture department)

Workshop of traditional Czech marionettes on strings and wires (KID Praha Mirek Trejtnar, Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana)
Workshop with Gioco Vita – shadow Puppets (EPKE at Ljubljana Puppet Theatre)
Workshop of making Czech traditional woodent puppets on wire (EPKE at Theatre DRAK, Hradec Kralove)
Workshop of making marionetes with mimic head made of silicone (EPKE at Ljubljana Puppet Theatre)
Workshop: sewing classes Skirt with Dominika Zver, workshop of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and WordPress (Kreativna šola Ljubljana)
Workshop Indesign Adobe (Kreativna šola Ljubljana)
Workshop of woodcut / bookbinding (Festival Tiporenesansa, Ljubljana)
One year workshop of different puppet animation techniques with Brane Vižentin (Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana, Ljubljana)
Workshop for program Blender (Ljudmila, Ljubljana)
Workshop of puppet armature for stop motion puppet film (KID Praha Mirek Trejtnar, Czech Republic)
Workshop with Gavin Glover /Faulty Optic/ (Institut International de la Marionette, Charlevile Mezieres, France)
Seminar for Contemporary Performing Arts, Maska in Cankarjev dom
Workshop of traditional Czech marionettes on strings and wires (KID Praha Mirek Trejtnar, Czech Republic)
Workshop of Theater writing, Prešernovo gledališče Kranj in revija Sodobnost
Seminar for Contemporary Performing Arts, Maska in Cankarjev dom
Workshop on casting bronze techniques (Bronasta doba; prof. Mirko Bratuša)
Physical theater workshop, Poletne delavnice Javnega sklada za kulturne dejavnosti Izola (Brane Potočan)
1995 do 1998:
Šola uporabnih umetnosti Famul Stuart (oddelek uporabno kiparstvo in keramika)

Public monument – 100 letnica združitve prekmurskih Slovencev z matičnim narodom
The Vertigo STARTS Residence
Artist in Residence in Berlin, Ministry for Culture, Republic of Slovenia
Receiver of recognition for high-quality artwork at 3. International Fine Arts Festival Kranj – ZDSLU 2014
Artist in Residence in Vienna, Ministry for Culture, Republic of Slovenia
Residence quartier, Publishing house Ekslibris, Ljubljana
Artist in Residence in Berlin, Ministry for Culture, Republic of Slovenia
Scholarship of Municipality of Ljubljana (rejected), Republic Scholarship for dificitary professions Ministry for Culture (rejected)
Republic Zoisova Scholarship for talented students
Scholarship of Štipendijski sklad

Institute for Arts and Cultures GULAG
DLUL – member of executive council (2013 – present)
Section for Sculpture and Art in Public Space at Slovene Art association ZDSLU (2015 – present) – representative
Puppet theatre Ljubljana – employees represenative at council of Puppet theatre (2019-presen), employees representative at program council (2014-2018)
Slovene Society of Aesthetic
Sculpture Association – Member of Program Council (past)
Association Institute for Arts and visual research Modri krog (past)

2007 – present: Director and producer for Institute for Arts Gulag
2006 – present: co-organizer of Tea Parties for contemporary Art: in 2006: Problems in Education within the Contemporary Art Field / Institutional and Non-Institutional Art Spaces / Walter Benjamin: The Aura of the Work of Art in the Time of Its Technical Reproduction / Ars Electronica / Public monuments at the beginning of the 21. century / Igor Zabel, Essays on Modern and Contemporary Art I, *cf / in 2007 International Biennial of Graphic Arts: From Drypoint to Stickers / Tourism in Art – A view of This Year’s Art Venues 12th Documenta, Venice Biennial / Prague Biennial, Skulpturprojekte Munster / Tea Parties visiting the City Gallery in Nova Gorica – open Documenta questions / New Media and the Role of the New Media Curator / in 2008 Writing on Art / Slovene Comic Scene

2013-2015 initiator and coordinator of EPKE (European Puppetry Knowledge Exchange) at Puppet theatre Ljubljana

2002 – 2004:
assistant of student minister, responsible for culture at Student Organization of University in Ljubljana (producer of international student sculpture festival METAMORFOZE 1 and METAMORFOZE 2, organizer of Student month of culture (March 2003 and 2004), organizer of art workshops, exhibitions, producer of Student literary evenings …)
co-coordinator for European meeting of Art students Gasthof, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Organizer of housing lectures on Academy of Fine Art
Vice-president of Student Council of Academy of Fine Art
President of Društva študentov Akademije za likovno umetnost (Society of students of Academy of Fine Art)
Organizer of final exhibition fourth year students of Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Jakopičeva galerija, Ljubljana
Co-coordinator for European meeting of Art students Real Presence 1, Beograd, Serbia
President of Student Council of Academy of Fine Art
Organizer of final exhibition of third and fourth year students of painting and sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts, Arhitekturni muzej Ljubljana (The Architecture Museum of Ljubljana)
1999 do 2007:
president and producer for Kulturno umetniškega društva Inštitut za likovne in multimedijske raziskave Modri krog, Kranj (Culture Artistic Society Institute for Fine Art and multimedia research, Blue circle, Kranj) – work consisted also organizing and curating various festivals, events and exhibitions of young artists in different gallery spaces including own Galerija v izložbi.


Zoran Srdić Janežič


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