konSekvence exhibition at the Cukrarna – television RTV Slovenija

RTV Slovenija television culture program about konSekvence exhibition at the Cukrarna.

Presentation of artist

Presentation of the artist by KonS - Platforma za sodobno raziskovalno umetnost

Konsekvence: Petnajst del, ki kažejo obrise mogočih ekosistemov

The announcement of the exhibition conSequences offers a simplified question that connects the 15 art and research works of the new exhibition konSekvence – Fragmenti možnega ekosistema / conSequences - Fragments of a Possible Ecosystem at the Cukrarna.

an article on the empowerment of scenic elements as equal play vehicles

The Contemporary Puppetry website has an article on the empowerment of scenic elements as equal acting for play.

Ars Electronica Filckr post

The project is focused on tissue engineering and the harvesting of an electric signal from neurons which influences the movement and shape of a biobot.

Draft as a work of art

Article from Gorenjski glas featuring an exhibition entitled Raz-glednice on display in the Small Gallery of the Kranj Art Society.

Public monument erected

Work on instalation of a public monument Ob 100. obletnici priključitve Prekmurja in prekmurskih Slovencev z matičnim narodom is in a finishing stage.


My suggestions was the work of Guy Ben-Ary and Nathan Thompson and Margherita Pevere and Marco Donnarumma. More on the link. Good work Živa and guys.

Videos about Biobot collaboration with Lab equipment manufacturer Kambič

Video made in the START's residency at Centre 104 in Paris and video of the process and development of incubator and other aspects of project Biobot.

Eppur si mouve illuminare