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ZSJ combines art with technology and science to create cybernetic biological robots. The concept of combining artificial intelligence with neural intelligence (in vitro cell culture) is pushing the boundaries of what is possible for artificial life forms.

Biobot was created to explore the potential of artificial intelligence and its ability to create new forms of expression together with signals from in vitro growing neural cells. It is fascinating to observe the development of a biobot that, although not moving, is full of new life forms, to see a biobot in action and to understand its interaction with its environment. These biobots are, in a manner of speaking, beautiful works of art: a hybrid system of living art.

Zoran Srdić Janežič

lives and works in Ljubljana.

Intermedia artist working in the field of combining living cells with mechanisms and robots to co-create new models of movement. Employed as a constructor and designer of puppets at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre.

His artistic practice is interdisciplinary and involves developing themes at the intersection of art and technology. His works focus on the relationship between the human body, the environment, and other manifested life forms. Through his work, the artist redefines their relationships and roles and, above all, revalues them. The basic precepts are both ethical and philosophical in the field of various transhumanist ideas and point to discursive and coexisting environments as a possible future for biotechnological beings.


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